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Hardware of different producers


Our philosophy is to open encoMed for hardware of different producers.
We help our customers to secure investments for existing system in case of expansion.


Our company developed a chipcard reader, which enables connection of any desired analog phones.

Proprietary development of Engel & Co. for installation into switch box. Engel & Co. delivers copings.





Telefon mit Großtasten

For example, you can see here a user-friendly phone of Hagenuk with big keys.





Our accounting system supports card phones of different producers. Fore example: UNIFY MediSet and ChipSet, but Bosch/Tenovis and DFG too, and so on.



Patiententelefon Bewatec



We recommend gadgets of Bewatec for new installation.
Picture at left: Bewatec





Antennendose encoTV-F

The TV socket encoTV-F (picture at right) enables using of TVs of different producers.
These sockets developed by Engel & Co. are installed in switch sockets of different manufacturers.






We are also able to handle TV controller of UNIFY up to Himed        version 5.

Picture at right: Flat screen of Bewatec








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