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Administration of patients' data

  • Variegated research criteria
  • Consideration of user rights
  • Patients status and rating is freely selectable
  • Possibility of automatic blocking
  • In and out-payment of pledge and credit balance
  • Creating of bill and registration certificates
  • History of bills preview function
  • Itemized bill


Cash book


  • Complete overview of the Cashbook and detailed information of all transactions
  • Separate cashpoints for pledge and fees
  • History of the cashbook
  • Printable receipts for handover of the cashbook and intermediate results


Statistical Analysis

    Gebührenerfassung encopbx
  • Predefined statistics with parameter passing
    • Very easily expandable with you own inquiries
    • Variegated possibilities of exports, for example ASCII, CSV and EXCEL
  • Analysis and accounting of extension lines:
    • Consideration of tariffs and user rights
    • Creation of itemized bills
    • Preview and print function


Facilities of configuration


  • User Administration:
  • configuration of user rights according to tariffs, statistics, creation of bills, usable program modules, and much more ...
  • Administration of tariffs:
    Creation of available tariffs with possibility to create itemized bills, basic fee, connection frees, forms, and much more ...
  • Administration of extension lines:
    configuration of extension lines with specified tariff, cost centre, department

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