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encoMED In the interests of customer

Big picture

Specially adapted module was developed for every kind of used hardware (PBX, automated pay machine, card terminal). These modules runs separate on a server and share one database. Replaceability of every module makes possible the using of any desired technology of any producer. Several networked PBXs make no problem too.

Here you can find several solutions, some of which we have implemented with other system houses.

Example 1

Before: TENOVIS PBX with MedCom and card phones of TENOVIS (year 
              of completion: 1996)
After:    UNIFY Hipath 4000 with encoMed and the same card phones of

Example 2

Before:  Alcatel PBX with simple collection of call interpretation with the aid of  
               list printing
After:     Alcatel-4400 with prepayment encoMed, with external chipcard
               reader of Engel & Co. plus standard phone for the patient

Example 3

Before:  Network of 3 Tenovis PBX with MedCom, card phones of TENOVIS
               (year of completion: 1998), 6 automated pay machines of BERGMANN
After:     HiPath 4000 with encoMed. Card phones of TENOVIS and six
               automated pay machines of BERGMANN are still in use.

Example 4

Before:  HiCom 300 PBX with HiMed of UNIFY, without automated pay 
After:     HiPath 4000 PBX with encoMed, with Swiss card phones
               (TaxTel), with automated pay machines, with touchscreen of HESS

Example 5

Before:  Network of two Siemens-Nixdorf 8818 PBXs, repayment system
               HiMed, one machine of HESS, contact chipcards for paying into an
               account, HiMed und contact less chipcards (Mifare)only for cafeteria 
               and automatic washing machine whit cashless payment
After:     take over of two old Siemens-Nixdorf 8818 PBXs,prepayment system
               All with one card:  chipcard of Mifare for cafeteria and automatic  
               washing machine and now for cashless paying into a phone account
               at modified machine of HESS.

Example 6

Before:  UNIFY-Hicom 300 PBX, HiMed version 5, TV controller of HiMed
               and TVs of UNIFY, MediSet 2, loading up money on the chipcard
               with the aid of chipcard reader at the registration desk
After:     UNIFY- HiPath 4000 PBX, encoMed controls the hardware of 
               UNIFY like: TV controller of HiMed, TVs of UNIFY and
               MediSet 2. The system was enhanced with gadgets like phone and   
               TV of Bewatec. Loading up money on the chipcard with the aid of  
               chipcard reader at  the registration desk is still in use because of  
               customer wish. Only modular software makes possible the using of 
               such a large variety of gadgets on the encoMed server.


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