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Next-Generation Billing Software

Billing software encobill+


Following automatisms help to avoid input errors and relieve routine jobs.

  • Import call data from switch
  • Import registration data from administrative accounting
  • Transfer of addresses / accounting entries to administrative accounting
  • Data adjustment with information pc of regulator
  • Data adjustment with connection server
  • Check the validity of account number and bank code number
  • Address export to phone book publisher
  • Vacancy control
  • Transfer start data to the switch / technician
  • Check the validity of the call data
  • Billing test with intercarrier
  • Bill print for costumer / intercarrier
  • Log book for errors
  • Log book for all activities in the system
Address administration      
  • Filtering of addresses
  • Several locations of customers
  • Bank code and account number validation
  • Administration of supplier numbers for locations
  • Automatic registration of phone book entries
  • Interface to phone book publishers
  • Individual bonuses for locations
  • Assign to cost centers
  • Support of miscellaneous capability characteristics (fee block, itemized bill, even on floppy-disc or e-mail, statistic analyses on bill)
  • Support of internal bonuses (discounted target numbers)
  • PBX compatible 
  • Trouble book
  • Administration of a credit limit
          Financial accounting       
  • Address delivery
  • Delivery/takeover of accounting entries
  • Administration of outstanding items
  • Support of several VAT rates
  • Support of two currencies
           Article administration           
  • Periodic settled articles (ground fee, rent)
  • One-time settled articles (installation, buying's etc.)
  • Fees
  • Up to five tariff times
  • Billing depending on cycle or to the second
  • User-defined cycle time, minimum fee
  • Fee scale tariff depending on time (3 scales)
  • Monthly free minutes optional for customer, location, connexion or call number
  • Partially billing of Monthly settled articles
  • Administration of revenue accounts
  • Differentiated discount system (user defined articles can have any discount per location)
  • Preparation of billings to intercarriers depending on their standards 
  • Preparation of a billing test and the CDR data
  • Rollback of a billing action
  • Archiving of the bills in open, electronic format
  • Reinvoice of printed bills
  • Itemized bill, even on floppy-disc, E-Mail or web
  • Individual billing forms for customers
  • Optional show of VAT and the second currency per position or per bill
  • Utilization graphics depending on time, bundle number, A and B phone subscriber, successful/unsuccessful calls
  • Divers lists that are open-ended with scripts, e.g.:
    • All calls in a period with quantity and totalized duration
    • Calls to/from customer, to/from call number
    • Comparison credit limit - calls (estimation)
    •  Overview about receipts in month
    • Subscriber terminal statistics (successful/unsuccessful calls)
    • Detect circle routing
   Data transfer      
  • Modular interfaces for financial accounting, switch, internet, bills
  • Automatic import of fee data
  • Financial accounting connection
  • Connection to information computers and porting database
  • Logging of billing actions of any services with import of possibly pre-calculated data records 
   ...further on...         
  • Client administration (as many as desired)
  • User administration with assignment of user rights
  • Import/export possibilities for any table of the database
  • IP billing for internet provider (depending on time and/or traffic), automatic procedures that can be implemented flexible with scripts

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